The Painful Symptoms of Flat Feet

Your feet are determined to be flat if almost the entire bottom of your foot, including the arch, touches the ground when you walk or stand. You can tell the extent of your flat footedness with a simple test: wet your feet and then stand on a dry flat surface. If the entire bottom of your foot leaves an imprint, then you have flat feet. Those with normal arches will see a gap in the middle of the imprint where the arch is located.

The proper arch of your foot is essential to proper foot mechanics because of all the force and pressure that is absorbed by the foot during weight bearing. When your arches are fallen, it causes you to walk differently which creates further problems with the knees, hips, and back.

Some symptoms and causes of flat feet

People who have flat feet will show some of the following signs:

  • Pain, swelling, and discomfort in the heel and arches
  • Your feet get easily tired
  • You feel pain and discomfort when standing on your toes
  • You are experiencing knee, hip, and back pain
  • Stretched or torn tendons
  • Breaks or stress fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Nerve disorders

Treatment for flat feet

Properly fitted shoes with the correct arch support will alleviate most or all of these problems. Your foot doctor can perform a computerized gait analysis to see what type of arch support and custom orthotic insert is right for you. For severe symptoms, surgery may be necessary for complete pain relief.

If you suspect that you may have problems related to flat feet, see your foot doctor to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment. Call Syracuse Podiatry located in East Syracuse, New York. Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico, Dr. Payel Ghosh, and their staff will help you diagnose and treat your foot or ankle condition. Call 315-446-3668 or make an appointment online today.


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