Proper Care Can Prevent Ingrown Toenails

Many people know that it is important to properly care for your feet. This care also includes your toenails. Toenails that are left to their own devices can cause problems for the overall health of the foot. Not only can they grow fungus but they can also grow too long and embed themselves into the […]

You Can Beat What You Treat

When your foot or ankle is injured your first thought may be to go to your primary physician. While this is a perfectly acceptable choice, an even better option would be to make an appointment with a podiatrist. A podiatrist is a specialist who focuses on the treatment of the foot and ankle. They treat […]

When Your Feet Give You Grief

Many people know that a podiatrist is a specialist who cares for the feet. Not everyone knows when to see a podiatrist though. Podiatrists treat a broad range of conditions from warts to broken feet. When it comes to the foot and ankle they have seen a broad variety of issues and have treated them […]

Tailor’s Bunion

Walking around with pain on the side of your big toe can really cause you a lot of strife. Not only does the pain affect regular activities, it also can change the way your shoes feel on your feet. When you sit down and take a moment to take off your shoes you might notice […]

Diabetes Can Be Complicated

Those who suffer from diabetes know that they are at a much higher risk of developing foot and ankle injuries. Not only are injuries more likely, but serious foot disease is more likely to occur in diabetics. One such serious disease is known as Peripheral Neuropathy. This condition causes the foot to slowly lose the […]

Charley Horse is Not a Winner

Suffering from a Charley horse, also known as a muscle cramp, can be very intense. The feeling is that of a strong, sudden contraction of the muscle in the leg or the foot. The contraction usually comes on suddenly and can last anywhere from a couple of seconds to many minutes. Many times, these cramps […]

Amplifying the Smell

Summer in most regions is full of sunny days, warm weather and outside enjoyment. People get out and get active to enjoy the weather while it is here. Summer can end all too soon but there is nothing that will end summer fun more than a pair of smelly feet. Not only will it affect […]

Surgery Preparedness 101

When you are told you need a surgery for your foot or ankle you can feel a lot of apprehension at the announcement. Surgeries are very serious matters especially if you have an underlying condition that may complicate the operation. Before getting surgery on your foot or ankle it is important to consult with a […]

Mossy Foot Disease

When you travel to a tropical country on vacation it is usually a very enjoyable experience. The beach is warm and inviting, the water is clear, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. You might consider kicking off your sandals or water shoes to sink your feet into the landscape and really revel in its warmth […]

Common Tennis Injuries

The beautiful spring weather is finally upon us and the temperatures have begun to rise. As the weather takes a glorious turn, sports begin to start up as well. One such sport is Tennis. Tennis is a game that involves a ball, a racket, a net and sheer speed and agility. You can play the […]

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