How to Make Rock Candy in a Glass

During this time of social distancing, it can be fun and educational to do science experiments and projects at home with your kids to help pass the time. One fun science project is to make rock candy in a glass or jar. The only items you need are sugar, water, a clothespin, some bamboo skewers […]

3 Types of Tumors That Can Grow on Your Feet

While many people believe that since their feet don’t get much sun that tumors are less likely to grow on them, they are mistaken. Skin spots and growths on your feet and ankles that look like other conditions (such as moles, warts, and fungal nail infections) could actually be cancer in disguise, so having regular […]

How to Care for Your Feet When You Have Diabetes

One of the insidious effects of diabetic neuropathy is an inability to feel pain due to numbness from nerve damage. Being numb to pain means that foot problems can go undetected and lead to worsening damage or a microbial infection that could rapidly progress and result in the amputation of a toe or worse, which […]

Toenails Can Point to Other Health Problems

The condition of your toenails can point to systemic problems like diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, a fungal toenail infection, or even a malignant lesion. Regularly inspecting your feet for abnormalities is a great way to avoid unnecessary complications. Always bring any toenail or skin abnormalities to the attention of your podiatrist to rule out cancer. Some […]

5 Causes of Pain on the Top of Your Foot

While pain and discomfort on the top of your foot may not be as common as in other areas of the foot, top-of-the-foot injuries are nonetheless potentially very debilitating. A variety of factors and conditions, including fractures and diseases, can contribute to top-of-the-foot pain and can make standing, walking, working, and exercising difficult or impossible. […]

How to Treat Stress Fractures in Your Feet

A stress fracture is also known as a hairline fracture, which means that the fractures are small and thin and often difficult to detect and trace. They often occur from repetitive stress to the foot and ankle that happens in sports, work, and exercise. A hairline fracture can mimic or co-occur with other conditions like […]

Treating & Preventing Foot Blisters

Getting blisters on your feet is a common occurrence due to all the stress and pressure that your feet are under with just daily activities. Add sporting and exercise routines, and the likelihood of blistering increases further. Catching hotspots and blisters before the skin breaks can help avoid complications and possible infections. Treatment for blisters […]

4 Ways Orthotic Shoe Inserts Can Help Your Feet & Ankles

Wearing properly sized shoes that are supportive and comfortable and using the appropriate orthotic arch supports and inserts recommended by your foot doctor can treat and prevent a wide variety of foot and ankle problems, including flat feet, hammertoes, and skin conditions, to name a few. 4 ways orthotic shoe inserts can help your feet […]

3 Causes of Achilles Tendon Trouble

Your Achilles tendons are the largest tendons in your body. They connect your calf muscles to your heel bones and when they are overstressed from physical labor or from playing sports, severe pain in the heel, ankle, and calf area in a condition called Achilles tendonitis are often the result. 3 causes of injury to […]

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