4 Tips to Relieve Bunion Pain

A bunion typically forms as a large bump on your big toe. The condition has a hereditary component, but tight-fitting shoes are definitely a culprit in bunion formation. A similar condition that affects the pinky toe is called a bunionette. Either condition can cause the toe to bend and push into your other toes. This […]

4 Great Tips for Healthy Feet

The average active individual actually takes over three thousand steps per day which adds up to an enormous amount of stress and pressure. While your feet and ankles are designed to take a lot of abuse, you can help keep them fit and strong with physical therapy exercises, proper footwear, and cleanliness. 4 great tips […]

3 Ways to Get Rid of Foot Warts

Certain skin conditions on your feet — like hidden plantar warts — can be difficult to identify and treat properly. There are also skin lesions that often look like warts, but are actually cancerous growths that need immediate treatment before the cancer spreads. Always have skin conditions on your feet and ankles checked by your […]

5 Treatments for Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon often becomes stretched, swollen, and tender from the repetitive stress and pressure of overuse that occurs in sports, exercise, and being on your feet all day for work. Athletes and dancers are very susceptible to Achilles tendon injury, and people who are just starting out on an exercise program without warming up […]

How Physical Therapy Helps Your Feet

Physical therapy has a great reputation as a way to slowly improve foot and ankle functioning after a surgical procedure, but if you incorporate physical therapy into your daily or weekly routine, you can actually avoid many of the complications that lead to the need for surgery in the first place. Physical therapy exercises can […]

How to Treat Hammertoes

A hammertoe is a deformity that affects the middle toes causing one or more of them to bend abnormally. The condition is caused by an imbalance in the tendons that may be inherited, but the tendency to develop hammertoes can be increased by wearing tight-fitting shoes like high heels. When the toe or toes bend, […]

3 Common Children’s Foot Problems

Since young children are not entirely capable of relaying the message that they are having foot or ankle problems, you need to pay attention to their movements and behaviors. If your child is limping, tiptoeing, or foot dragging, you should make an appointment to see your foot doctor to make sure it isn’t anything serious. […]

Why Am I Getting Foot Cramps?

A foot cramp is caused by the contraction of muscles causing pain and locking of the muscle. The deleterious effects can range from minor to extremely debilitating. Oftentimes a foot cramp can be counteracted by pulling hard on the big toe to help release the contraction of the muscle. Some of the many possible causes […]

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