4 Common Running Injuries

One of the great things about going out for a nice run is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to enjoy the many benefits of running. Minimize your chances of getting a running injury by being sure to warm up properly, and by wearing a pair of well-fitted running shoes with the right […]

4 Treatments for Hammertoes

  A variety of toe deformities can affect smaller toes leading to pain, discomfort, and additional problems like blisters and corns from rubbing on the inside of your footwear or another toe. The hammertoe deformity typically affects the middle toes, causing one or more to bend at the middle joint. The condition may be hereditary […]

What Are the 2 Main Types of Flat Feet?

You can do a simple test to see if you have flat feet: just wet your feet and then stand on a dry part of the floor. If your arch leaves a full imprint, including in the middle, then you probably have flat feet. Over 60 million people in the USA have flat feet, so […]

How to Treat & Prevent Athlete’s Foot

  The horrible itching, redness, peeling, and burning skin that is indicative of an athlete’s foot fungal infection is obviously a condition that should be avoided. Fortunately, with some simple advice and proactive steps, you can limit contact with the microbes that cause this unsightly and often malodorous condition, and kill any lingering pests with […]

3 Causes of Pain in the Ball of Your Foot

  The ball of the foot absorbs an enormous amount of pressure when you walk, work, exercise, and even when you just stand up. This nearly constant stress can cause the components of the foot to become stretched and pinched, causing conditions like capsulitis and neuroma with severe pain, numbness, and discomfort. 3 conditions that […]

4 Ways to Treat Bunions Without Surgery

  A bunion is one of the most common toe abnormalities, and it is characterized by a bending of the big toe laterally into the other toes. When a similar condition affects the pinky toe, it is called a bunionette. Bunions tend to develop slowly and don’t typically cause problems in the initial stages except […]

How Aging Can Affect Your Feet

  As you age, your feet become more susceptible to a variety of ailments and conditions, just like the rest of your body. But foot or ankle problems and the resulting pain can seriously sidetrack your mobility. Seeing your foot doctor regularly is an excellent strategy to minimize foot, ankle, and heel problems now and […]

Check Your Feet

  With quarantine lifting in many areas and the lovely spring weather, people are heading outdoors for some much-needed relief and exercise. Keep in mind as you are taking in some sun, too much of it can cause cancers of the skin that can spread and be deadly if they are not caught early enough. […]

How to Go Out and Stay Safe as States Reopen

With the advent of quarantine fatigue and with the support for stay-at-home orders dwindling, states are starting to reopen their economies despite the fact that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. While the ideal situation for containing the spread of the new coronavirus is for people to continue to stay home, that […]

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