Telltale Toenail Signs

Your toenails are an excellent indicator of your health, and frequently problems such as nutritional deficiencies, infections, and other injuries can show up as signals in your toenails. Some of the telltale signs in your toenails that indicate other health issues include: Brittle nails—Your nails can become crumbly and brittle from exposure to chemicals, detergents, […]

Quell the Swell

Carrying a child for nine months can be very tiring on the body. A pregnant woman goes through many changes as she grows and nourishes a child. Unfortunately, a pregnant woman’s body also takes a toll. As her belly expands and her weight increases, more stress is added to her feet. Due to this stress, […]

What is a Ganglion?

A ganglion is a cyst that forms on top of a joint, ligament or tendon. The cyst is typically filled with fluid. If the cyst is not cancerous, it may disappear on its own over time. If it is cancerous or causes a lot of pain in the foot or ankle, then it may be […]

Fit for Fun

Everyone knows that when enjoying a sport, it is important to buy the right gear. Equipment is key to preventing foot and ankle injuries and to achieve top performance. The same principals go hand in hand when considering equipment for snowboarding. One of the most important pieces of snowboarding gear is the boots that your […]

How to Use Crutches

Before you begin using crutches, your doctor, nurse, physical therapist, or podiatrist will show you how to adjust the crutches so they are at the right height for you. If a patient has never used a crutch, they should not do so without instructions and without trying them out in the podiatrist’s office. Usually you […]

Don’t Be a Worry Wart

When you find a wart on your foot, it can be hard to tell whether the wart is harmful or harmless. Not to mention they are usually looked at as a cosmetic issue. Although they can be a pain, they are treatable by a podiatrist. Here is all you need to know about warts and […]

Tumor on the Foot

Although we are constantly using our feet, we occasionally sit down, take a break, and put them up to relax. During this time of relaxation is when we usually notice if something is not quite right with our feet. Sometimes you see a wound, a bruise or even a bump. It is important to get […]

What is Paronychia

If you have painful red and swollen skin around your toenail or fingernail, it can be easy to ignore and pass off as a hangnail. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that this type of pain can actually be from a fungal infection within your skin. This type of infection is not uncommon but does […]

Preventing Obnoxious Odors

If you are a sports player or are on your feet on a constant basis, then you are probably well aware of sweaty feet. Not only do sweaty feet make you uncomfortable in your shoes, they can also cause blisters and foot odor. Smelly feet can be embarrassing and make it so you do not […]

Peripheral Artery Disease

Climbing up and down the stairs is a normal everyday occurrence that many people partake in. Usually it is not a notable experience and we do it without a second thought. It is even beneficial to take the stairs over an elevator or escalator, as it is a good source of exercise for those who […]

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