Treating a Sprained Ankle

Ankle sprains and strains are the most common injuries treated by podiatrists, and they often happen without any warning. A severe sprain can happen from just awkwardly stepping on the curb while going to get the mail. An ankle sprain occurs when the ankle rolls outwards while the foot is firmly planted on the floor […]

How to Prevent Fungal Toenails

Smelly and unsightly fungal toenail infections are caused by microscopic fungi that thrive in the warm, wet conditions that frequently exist in your footwear. Since the same fungi that cause athlete’s foot problems also cause fungal toenail infections the two conditions often complement each other not a good way! Symptoms of a fungal toenail infection […]

Why Does My Heel Hurt?

The bone that creates your heel is the largest bone in your foot, and it helps to form the structure that contributes to the shape and function of the arch. The muscles and ligaments that extend on each side of your heel provide the necessary connections for movement for your big toe and pinky toe. […]

Physical Therapy Can Treat Your Feet and Avoid Future Problems

Physical therapy is frequently thought of as an adjunct to recovery after an accident or surgical procedure, but there are many ways that the strengthening and flexibility improvements garnered by physical therapy exercises can decrease the severity of and even avoid problems like flat feet, hammertoes, heel pain, and tendonitis. Your foot care professional has […]

Severely Bent Hammertoes May Need Surgery

When a toe affected with hammertoe becomes significantly bent to the point that corns are developing on the top from rubbing on your shoes, the pain can become unbearable. If your hammertoes have progressed to this point, you should consult with your podiatrist for a proper diagnosis and discuss the possibility of having surgery to […]

What is an Avulsion Fracture?

There are a variety of fractures that can affect the feet and ankles. One such break is a condition that more frequently affects younger athletes is known as an avulsion fracture. This particular type of fracture is characterized by a small piece of bone that tears away as a ligament or tendon detaches during an […]

How Arthritis Affects Your Feet

Each of your feet is comprised of over 30 joints that can be affected by injury and disease, so if you have a debilitating arthritic condition, the feet and ankles are often one of the first locations of severe pain and discomfort. 3 types of arthritis that cause problems with your feet and ankles include […]

Why Does My Ankle Hurt?

Injuries to the ankle are very common due to all the tendons, ligaments, and bones in the foot. The location of discomfort and pain can be on the inside or the outside of the ankle, or you may have radiating pain from an Achilles tendon injury. Some common causes of ankle pain include the following: […]

Treating & Preventing Athlete’s Foot Fungus

The scratchiness, redness, peeling, and burning skin that accompanies an athlete’s foot fungal infection is certainly to be avoided whenever possible, but that’s not easy to accomplish. Since the fungi that cause this infection are all over the planet, they are nearly impossible to avoid, but there are steps you can take to limit coming […]

How to Treat Heel Fissures

Heel calluses are not normally painful, but in some cases, they can become very painful and debilitating when the cracks deepen into bleeding heel fissures that make it difficult to walk or even just stand up. The cracks can also be an avenue for a bacterial or fungal infection to take hold, so be sure […]

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