How to Prevent Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail can quickly become a very painful and debilitating experience that is best avoided since it may lead to possible infection and even amputation in those patients who have diabetes. Ingrown toenails usually start when a toenail is cut too short or when an injury occurs to the foot after dropping a heavy […]

3 Causes of Foot Cramps

The rapid contraction of a muscle in your foot or leg can be very painful, but it is usually nothing to be too concerned about. Working very hard or doing vigorous exercise — especially when it’s warmer outside — can cause cramping, so it is very important to maintain your hydration by drinking plenty of […]

The Painful Symptoms of Flat Feet

Your feet are determined to be flat if almost the entire bottom of your foot, including the arch, touches the ground when you walk or stand. You can tell the extent of your flat footedness with a simple test: wet your feet and then stand on a dry flat surface. If the entire bottom of […]

What Causes Metatarsal Syndrome?

This condition is also called metatarsalgia, and it causes swelling and pain around the bones, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues in the ball of your foot, typically between the toes. It can feel like you have something in your shoe causing the feeling, but when you check there’s nothing there! Metatarsal syndrome can have more […]

How to Strengthen Weak Ankles

When you are experiencing soreness in your feet and ankles for a prolonged period, it may be a sign that you have weak ankle muscles. You can strengthen your ankle muscles by doing a variety of exercises that will properly increase your ankle’s resilience and help to avoid future injuries. Some excellent suggestions for strengthening […]

4 Causes of Sudden Heel Pain

Heel pain has many causes, and oftentimes an injury causing pain in the heel area happens suddenly. As a result, your normal everyday activities such as walking, standing, and exercising can come to a rapid and severe decline. However, you can actually avoid many other foot and ankle surprises when you stay in contact with […]

How to Treat Stress Fractures in Your Feet

Often seen in runners and athletes, stress fractures (aka hairline fractures) are created when repetitive pressure and stress occurs during recreational and competitive sports that involve a high degree of running, jumping, and fast stops and starts, like tennis, football, and basketball. Another major source of stress fractures occurs when a sedentary individual decides to […]

Why Do My Toes Look Like Hammers?

Because you may be experiencing a condition called hammertoe. Just as the name says, a hammertoe is a toe deformity that causes one or more toes to become permanently bent at the middle joint, taking on the appearance of a hammer. If the toe bends at the end, it is called a claw toe, and […]

Tendonitis Treatment

A type of tendonitis that is often overlooked as the cause of foot and ankle pain is one that strikes the peroneal tendons that run along the side of the foot. The symptoms for peroneal tendonitis are very similar to the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, which is why you should see your podiatrist for the […]

Treat Fungal Feet

When you take a look at your feet to see if they are up to snuff, it can be alarming to see something out of the ordinary. If you see scaling of the skin, a rash or discoloration of the toenail it can be a sign that you are dealing with a fungus infection of […]

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