How to Treat Heel Fissures

Heel calluses are not normally painful, but in some cases, they can become very painful and debilitating when the cracks deepen into bleeding heel fissures that make it difficult to walk or even just stand up. The cracks can also be an avenue for a bacterial or fungal infection to take hold, so be sure […]

5 Great Treatments for Foot Warts

Since warts on your feet can be mistaken for other skin conditions including corns and cancer, always have any skin abnormalities inspected by a foot doctor to avoid surprises down the road. Skin lesions that change in color or appearance should be checked out right away. Most visible warts on your feet will have a […]

4 Causes of Heel Spurs

A heel spur is a bony bump on your heel that is often painless but it can also cause considerable pain and discomfort as it continues to grow and interact with the backs of your footwear. A large heel spur can make routine activities like standing and walking difficult and extremely painful. Heel spurs form […]

4 Ways High Heels Damage Your Feet

While high heels can show off your legs, all that glamor comes at a price that fewer people are willing to pay, which is severe damage to your feet and ankles. If you want to decrease the occurrence of corns, ingrown toenails, and bunions, it’s best to forgo the high-heeled shoes and opt for more […]

Orthotic Shoe Inserts Treat Many Foot & Ankle Problems

You can help to prevent many foot and ankle problems by wearing the proper footwear, stretching before exercising, and having your foot care professional perform a complete foot and ankle exam twice a year. One of the best ways to avoid injuries is by wearing the right orthotic shoe inserts. These support structures will provide […]

Common Childhood Foot Problems

It’s always a challenge to be completely in tune with your child’s problems, especially when it comes to their feet! To start, always keep an eye on children to notice any telltale behaviors such as tiptoeing or limping. A foot or ankle problem may be the cause and your child may not be able to […]

Why Are My Feet So Swollen?

As many people can attest, standing on your feet all day can cause swelling to occur in your feet and ankles. Sitting during a long car, plane, or bus trip can cause fluid to pool in your feet and ankles too, especially if you have chronic diseases like peripheral artery disease and diabetes. Some of […]

Corns & Calluses Causes & Treatments

The relentless rubbing and pressure on the feet created by your footwear can create a thickened layer of skin called a callus or corn. This is a totally normal and natural response to the pressure and irritation. In the beginning, they are not always painful. But when calluses form on the heel or ball of […]

Toenail Fungus Treatment Tips

While it is usually painless and generally harmless, a toenail fungal infection becomes a more likely occurrence as you get older and as your immune defenses weaken. The terrible odor and brittle nails that often accompany this condition as it progresses are often the major reasons that people seek treatment. You can contract a microbial […]

Causes & Signs of Skin Cancer on Your Feet

Skin cancer is often associated with excessive sun or other ultraviolet light exposure such as from tanning beds. But many people don’t realize that even though your feet don’t always get a lot of sun, skin cancer can show up on your feet and ankles from other causes so you need to be on the […]

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