3 Slip and Fall Foot Injuries and How to Resolve Them

  As the season gets ever colder and sidewalks turn into skating rinks, the risk of wintertime slip and fall incidents increases dramatically. While any tumble can leave you rattled, some injuries are more common than others – and certain wintery conditions can make them even trickier to recover from when they do occur. Syracuse […]

Beating Bunions and Healing Hammertoes

  Bunions and hammertoes are uncomfortable deformities that can make a weekend walk or putting on your favorite pair of shoes a painful, distressing experience. Unfortunately, in addition to being quite common, they also have a bad habit of worsening over time. Syracuse Podiatry treats all manner of foot and ankle conditions, from the mundane […]

Twisted Up? Unraveling the Mystery of Ankle Sprains

  Whether you’re an active athlete or a bustling urbanite, you’re likely to experience an ankle sprain at some point in your life. They’re quite common, quite painful, and come in a few different varieties, which means that the team at Syracuse Podiatry deals with them fairly often. Of course, that doesn’t mean that sprains […]

Fit Feet and Heart Health: Understanding the Connection

  Your heart might be the engine of your body, but your feet act as tireless messengers. The intricate connection between circulation and foot health is often overlooked, yet ignoring it can lead to serious consequences. Syracuse Podiatry knows that when your feet are hurting, the rest of your body tends to follow suit. That’s […]

Wound Care Basics, Diabetic Footwear, and You

  Foot wounds, from minor scrapes to chronic ulcers, can disrupt daily life, hinder mobility, and pose a serious health risk, especially for individuals with diabetes. However, with the proper treatments and the right footwear, you can take steps towards a stable recovery. Syracuse Podiatry is a proven leader when it comes to both diabetic […]

3 Common Foot Fractures: Recognition and Recovery

  Sometimes, a misstep leads to nothing more than a silly stumble before you readjust your gait. But other times, it might lead to a more painful surprise: A Fracture. While any bone in your foot can break, three varieties of fractures are by far the most common. With that in mind, Syracuse Podiatry would like […]

Cold Weather Complications for Kids

Embrace winter fun with Syracuse Podiatry! Explore the snowy wonderland, but be aware of cold-weather foot issues in kids. From frostbite to sprains, we’ve got your back. Ensure a joyous, active season with proper foot care. Contact us for expert podiatric assistance today!

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