4 Tips for Healthy and Happy Feet

  Many people tend to take their poor feet for granted until a nagging foot or ankle injury or other problem finally gets them to visit their foot doctor. A better strategy would be to have regular visits with your podiatrist to evaluate potential issues before they worsen and require more aggressive treatment or even […]

How to Treat Smelly Fungal Toenails

  Getting a fungal infection on your toenails can cause the nails to turn yellow and brittle, and the bugs that cause the infection often emit a foul odor as they feed on your body. The same microorganisms that cause athlete’s foot also are the cause of fungal toenail infection. Once this infection spreads underneath […]

Why Do I Have Ingrown Toenails?

  When the sharp corner or edge of your toenail grows sideways into the tender skin on your toe, it can cause severe pain, bleeding, oozing, and infection that can be difficult to treat without help from your foot doctor properly.  Sometimes ingrown toenails can occur without causing any pain and discomfort, but when those […]

4 Causes of Painful Foot and Leg Cramps

  A painful foot cramp or spasm can strike seemingly out of nowhere and have you cringing and rolling on the floor. While the cause of many cramps is poor hydration, cramping can also be exacerbated or caused by systemic illnesses such as diabetes, peripheral artery disease, and other circulation issues. The pain and locking […]

3 Causes of Heel Pain

  There are many causes of heel pain and discomfort, and it is one of the most common reasons to see your foot doctor. Heel pain can be caused by poorly fitting shoes, repetitive stress, and bone spurs, to name a few issues. You don’t have to suffer from heel pain. Contact your foot doctor […]

4 Common Running Injuries

One of the great things about going out for a nice run is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to enjoy the many benefits of running. Minimize your chances of getting a running injury by being sure to warm up properly, and by wearing a pair of well-fitted running shoes with the right […]

4 Treatments for Hammertoes

  A variety of toe deformities can affect smaller toes leading to pain, discomfort, and additional problems like blisters and corns from rubbing on the inside of your footwear or another toe. The hammertoe deformity typically affects the middle toes, causing one or more to bend at the middle joint. The condition may be hereditary […]

What Are the 2 Main Types of Flat Feet?

You can do a simple test to see if you have flat feet: just wet your feet and then stand on a dry part of the floor. If your arch leaves a full imprint, including in the middle, then you probably have flat feet. Over 60 million people in the USA have flat feet, so […]

How to Treat & Prevent Athlete’s Foot

  The horrible itching, redness, peeling, and burning skin that is indicative of an athlete’s foot fungal infection is obviously a condition that should be avoided. Fortunately, with some simple advice and proactive steps, you can limit contact with the microbes that cause this unsightly and often malodorous condition, and kill any lingering pests with […]

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