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Preventing Frostbite

Winter’s cold temperatures can be super harsh on our lower extremities, especially on our toes. If you don’t take proper care to prevent your feet from getting cold, you may end up with frostbite. Earlier this month we discussed why you may be experiencing foot pain this January. Let’s take a closer look at frostbite […]

Taking Care of Heel Spurs

Did you know that the average American takes over 5,000 steps per day? Over time, those steps add up to miles and if you don’t take good care of your feet, it can create plenty of podiatric problems for us, especially as we grow older. For 10% of people, their problem will be heel spurs. […]

Foot Pain and Cold Weather

Wondering why your feet are in pain this winter? Ice and snow can lead to more falls and ankle injuries. But did you know that dropping temperatures can increase discomfort in your feet? Let’s take a look at why foot pain is so common during the winter and what you can do about it! Why […]

Why Are Your Toes Cramping?

Toe cramping can range from being a mild annoyance to a very real pain that interferes with much of your daily life. If you’re experiencing toe cramps, you’re likely curious why it’s happening. Toe cramping isn’t typically serious. By working with your foot doctor and making some lifestyle and medical changes, you and your feet […]

Thyroid Disease and Your Feet

Happy New Year, everybody! January is Thyroid Awareness Month. Did you know thyroid disease can have a lot to do with your feet? Your thyroid gland affects everything from your nervous system to your heart rate, so it’s no surprise that thyroid disease plays into foot health. In fact, your feet will often give you […]

When To See a Podiatrist

Most people have a habit of waiting until they’re suffering before they ask their podiatrist for help. Some things like occasional soreness after a long day of walking around or swelling after a 10k run are bound to happen. But sometimes what seems like a minor ache can turn into serious pain and long-term damage […]

What Is Gout?

Have you heard of gout? Most people haven’t, but if they have, they don’t know what it is. Gout is a common form of arthritis, affecting primarily the big toe joint. It can come on suddenly, without warning, and lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. Here at Syracuse Podiatry, we want to help […]

Burning Feet: What It Means and How You Can Treat It

Have you noticed a strange burning sensation in your feet? It’s not uncommon! Experiencing burning feet can have many different causes and, luckily, solutions. Here is everything you need to know about burning feet and how you can beat it! Causes Foot fatigue or a skin infection might create temporary burning. But consistent burning is […]

5 Of the Most Common Foot Problems

Between walking, running, jumping, and exercising, our feet take on a lot of stress. This can easily lead to a foot ailment if you don’t take good care of your feet. We want to raise awareness of some of the top problems you could face if you’re not careful. Keep reading to learn more! Bunions […]

Healing Hammertoes

Hammertoes are a deformity to your toe, which causes pain and difficulty walking. They got their name from how the toe joint usually resembles a hammer. If you leave a hammertoe uninterrupted, it will become stiff, and you might not be able to move it. That’s why healing your hammertoe quickly is the most important […]

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