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How to Love Your Feet Warts and All

No one likes warts, but they don’t have to ruin your summer fun. When warts occur on the feet, they are called plantar warts. Usually, they appear on the heel or places where the foot bears weight. A virus causes plantar warts that can enter if there is a break in the skin. Warts are not […]

6 Foot Problems That Increase with Age

As you age, all the steps you’ve taken every day add up, and the components of your feet and ankles begin to break down more often. With many people experiencing systemic diseases like peripheral artery disease and diabetes as they mature, there’s a concomitant increase in skin and nail conditions, among others. Seeing your foot […]

How to Treat & Prevent Fungal Toenails & Athlete’s Foot

Yes, there is fungus among us, and one of the easiest ways to avoid a fungal foot infection is by protecting your feet from the microbes that cause the infection. Fungi love the warm and moist environment that often characterizes the inside of your shoes. Keeping moisture at bay and killing microbes before spreading can help treat […]

3 Ways to Treat & Prevent Foot Warts

Warts on the feet can be particularly annoying and painful, especially for the larger plantar warts that grow on the bottom of the foot hidden under thick skin. Since warts cause the human papillomavirus (HPV), eradicating the virus will eliminate warts. It is easier said than done since the virus is ubiquitous in the environment. […]

Why Are My Feet Feeling So Hot?

While bacterial and fungal infections or just plain tiredness are among the leading causes of having hot feet, the burning sensation you may be experiencing, systemic diseases like diabetes could be another cause. Since there are so many conditions that can cause your feet to feel hot or tingling, you need to see your foot care professional for […]

The Heel Pain of Plantar Fasciitis

Arch problems from plantar fasciitis often go hand in hand (or should we say foot in foot?) with heel pain. Many people experience heel pain as one of the first indications that they have stretches and tears in their arch tissue that radiate symptoms to the heel area. See your foot doctor for a proper diagnosis and to determine […]

4 Common Foot Problems for Kids

The foot bones, ligaments, and tendons in kids are rapidly growing and more susceptible to injury and disease until the initial burst in growth phases has subsided. Pay attention to how developing children walk and move to notice problems with their feet since they may not correctly articulate the issue. For proper children’s foot care, be […]

3 Causes of Achilles Tendon Problems

The large tendon that connects your calf muscle to your foot is the Achilles tendon. When it becomes excessively stressed and inflamed from the pressure of exercise, sporting, and work activities, severe discomfort and pain can develop in the heel area. Doing proper warming up and cooling down exercises will help prevent Achilles tendon damage. […]

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