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What the Condition of Your Toenails Says About Your Health

The color and texture of your toenails can be a warning sign of systemic problems such as nutritional deficiencies, systemic diseases like diabetes or peripheral artery disease, and bacterial and fungal toenail infections. Since the indications of a variety of health problems often show up in your hands, feet, and ankles first, monitoring the condition […]

5 Treatments for Hammertoes

The condition called hammertoe is primarily an inherited condition but it is exacerbated by tight fitting shoes or from footwear that doesn’t have proper arch support. These abnormalities are called hammertoes because the severe bend caused in the middle toes can resemble a hammer or even a claw when multiple toes are affected. Hammertoes tend […]

How to Treat Calluses on Your Feet

Having hardened skin on your feet can be extremely painful and unsightly and can make it difficult to wear shoes without discomfort. Small calluses can usually be treated with a file or pumice stone, but larger calluses on your feet and especially on your heels (heel fissures) can be difficult to properly trim without causing […]

How to Treat a Broken Toe

A toe can become severely injured in a variety of ways, with the most common among them being stubbing your toe on the curb while crossing the street, or dropping something heavy on the front of your foot causing a toe to break. Also, the metatarsal bones that make up your toes are quite fragile […]

How Orthotic Inserts Stop Foot Pain

Custom orthotic shoe inserts and braces are created with your actual foot shape in mind. They are molded precisely and when used in combination with the right shoes, custom orthotics will alleviate and treat an amazing variety of foot and ankle problems. They can also prevent or postpone the need for surgery in many instances. […]

Why Do My Arches Hurt?

A truly amazing part of the structure of your foot is the arch, which is actually composed of three components including two longitudinal and one transverse. Additionally, your arch relies on a multitude of tendons, muscles, and other tissues for proper functioning, so there are many ways that injury, deformity, or disease can cause arch […]

4 Ways to Keep Your Feet Happy & Healthy

Taking proper care of your feet is a fabulous way to improve your overall health and to avoid foot and ankle injuries. In fact, taking good care of your feet will have the added benefits of keeping your knees, hips, and back in tiptop shape as well. 4 tips to keep your feet happy and […]

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Causes Nerve Pain

Near the top of your foot by the ankle joint, there is a section of your foot that forms a tunnel that carries the nerves, blood vessels, and other components that make it possible for your foot to move and have feeling. One of the primary nerves that run through this defacto tunnel is called […]

6 Causes of Numbness & Tingling in Your Feet

Losing the sense of feeling in your feet and toes is a very disturbing and possibly life-threatening experience that is often caused by diabetes complications. This sense of numbness and tingling can create problems doing everyday activities like walking and just plain standing. Since a tingling sensation and numbness in your feet and ankles can […]

Sesamoiditis Can Mimic Other Conditions

Sesamoiditis is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the two tiny sesamoid bones that are located in the ball of the foot. Sesamoid bones are free-floating bones that have no solid connection to any other bones. Your kneecap is the largest sesamoid bone. The two sesamoid bones in each foot are about the size of […]

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