How to Stay Active While Isolating

Here are some excellent ways to keep moving when you can’t get outside:

  • Maintain an active routine—While sleeping in and working in your pajamas might be appealing in the beginning, it’s better to have a more active routine to improve your overall mood. Try getting out of bed earlier and at the same time each day. A great way to get the blood moving is to do a simple workout routine first thing. Then take a shower and have something to eat. Many studies find that routine activities, whatever your choices may be, contribute to a positive mental attitude.
  • Choose hobbies and crafts that keep you active—If knitting isn’t your cup of tea, try one of these: sewing, embroidering, crocheting, pickling, music-making, furniture restoring, pottery, making beeswax candles, pressing flowers, baking, writing, and scrapbooking. That should keep you busy.
  • Basic circulation exercises—It’s important to keep your circulation going to prevent stiffness. Be sure that you’re getting up and moving around every half hour or so, at a minimum. You can also try flexing and rotating exercises for your ankles and lower legs while in a seated position.
  • Stair exercises—If you have stairs in the house, whenever you get up to get a beverage, try taking five or ten steps on the stairs on your way to the kitchen. For a serious foot and calf stretch, stand on the edge of a step and slowly lower and then raise your heels ten times.

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