“COVID Toes” May Be Early Sign of Coronavirus

A highly probable symptom of coronavirus infection that was first noticed in March by doctors in Italy is a skin condition that causes the toes to become red, irritated, and inflamed. The condition (which has been informally named “COVID toes” was first noticed in hospitalized patients, but has since been flagged as a possible early indication of infection, and as a symptom in children and young adults who had no other indications of infection.

It is therefore surmised that the appearance of red and purple inflamed, and itchy skin on the toes, hands, and feet may actually be one of the first signs of infection with the virus that causes COVID 19.

Some of the skin anomalies that have been noticed in patients include the following:

  • Pernio-like rash on the toes, feet, hands, torso, and buttocks. Pernio is usually associated with cold weather and these rashes are occurring during warmer months which is why they aroused suspicion.
  • Measles-like hives that can appear on the torso and buttocks.
  • A net-like appearance of vascular lesions in patients who are very ill.
  • Gangrene (dead, infected skin) in patients who have severe symptoms and underlying health conditions.

Since “COVID toes” are thought to be an early manifestation of the disease, a patient will not likely test positive yet. Paying attention to developing symptoms and isolating at home is a good strategy to help avoid spreading the contagion.

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