Some Essential Relationship Advice for Couples During the Pandemic


Living through the pandemic and dealing with all the uncertainty it entails is putting personal relationships to the test. Work and financial difficulties, close living quarters, and the fear of getting ill or making others ill have run the stress level in most households through the roof.

Here are some therapeutic ways to keep your relationship steady during these turbulent times:

  • Don’t rush to criticize or judge—Everyone is more on edge and more touchy than usual, so try to be gentle if you need to mention your partner’s crappy attitude or snippy remark, or better yet just let it slide. Escalation into a knockdown drag-out fight is not in anyone’s best interests. Try a hug and some TLC instead.
  • Have a date night—Meet up in the back yard or on the balcony for a date with just the two of you. Avoid talking about the pandemic and finances and try to show some optimism and humor if you can. Maybe have a drink and dinner and a slow dance.
  • Do nourishing activities alone and together—Having self-care routines that you can do together can be good for your relationship. Doing a twenty-minute mindfulness meditation together or going for an evening walk are two great options.
  • Set the whole house up with a routine—Especially when you have kids at home, developing a routine around mealtimes, playtime, work time, family time, and alone time is essential to reducing anxiety and feeling more grounded.


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