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Common Tennis Injuries

The beautiful spring weather is finally upon us and the temperatures have begun to rise. As the weather takes a glorious turn, sports begin to start up as well. One such sport is Tennis. Tennis is a game that involves a ball, a racket, a net and sheer speed and agility. You can play the […]

Sprained Ankles vs. Broken Ankles

The ankle, as everyone knows, is the region where the leg meets the foot. It is not exactly a joint (it contains three joints); it is not a single bone (the tibia, fibula, and talus are all found in the area); and it is home to several tendons (like the Achilles), muscles, and ligaments. It […]

Stretch Out the Winter Cobwebs

Needless to say, this winter in Onondaga County did not give us much reason to get up and out of the house (unless, of course, you are an avid fan of skiing, snowboarding, or sledding). Over the next few weeks, there will be some days that tempt us to go outside and resume some of […]

Causes and Symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles was a Greek warrior known for his extreme toughness and invincibility everywhere except for the back of his heel. Therefore, he makes an appropriate namesake for the tendon in our leg that is the strongest in the body, yet is the subject of many sports injuries. The Achilles tendon attaches our calf muscle to […]

Foot and Ankle Injuries on the Football Field

It is the middle of October, and at last, football season is in full swing. From Friday night lights at the high school to Sunday afternoon channel surfing from your couch, most people find a way to get their fix. The Jets, Giants, and Bills are off to slow starts, but Syracuse’s win over old […]

Are You Feeling the Gymnastics Fever?

For two weeks every four years, millions of Americans huddle around the television to watch the biggest names of the Summer Olympics compete for gold. Athletes like Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, and Kerri Walsh Jennings generate huge interest in their respective sports, and as a result, cause a spike in youth participation. Many people have […]

What’s Causing My Heel Pain?

Whether it’s when you first get out of bed in the morning or after a long day of walking or exercising, when you have heel pain, you feel it immediately. Sometimes it may be a dull ache, but other times it may be a sharp shooting pain. There are several likely culprits that may be […]

Preventing Sports Injuries in Children

When children start engaging in sports activities, injuries can become quite frequent. Many are scrapes and bruises, but others can be more severe and even lead to permanent damage so it is important for parents and teachers to be aware of how to prevent injuries. The following are some of the most common injuries that […]

5 Common Foot and Ankle Problems for Runners

Did you start the year with a resolution to run regularly, or are you currently training for an upcoming marathon in Syracuse? Whatever your activity level, even with the healthiest feet, you are bound to encounter some problems due to the amount stress they endure when running. Keep your feet in good condition by preventing […]

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