Rafael Nadal Plays at Wimbledon Despite Chronic Foot Injuries

Rafael Nadal is the greatest tennis player of all time, just recently winning his 14th French Open championship – bringing his total of Grand Slam wins to 22. Earlier Nadal announced he would play at Wimbledon, despite dealing with a chronic left foot injury. Nadal suffers from Mueller Weiss Syndrome, a rare, under-diagnosed cause of chronic mid-foot pain characterized by progressive fragmentation and deformation of certain bones in the foot. Sports injuries involving the feet can be severe. Here we’ll go over some services a good podiatrist can provide if you’ve sustained a foot or ankle injury.

Sports and sports training can cause injuries to the feet due to impact, sudden movements, repetitive motions, overuse, and constrictive footwear. Here are some ways a podiatrist can help with your sports injuries:

Surgical Procedure- Your doctor may recommend surgery for your injury if your symptoms are severe. It may include an operation to fix the bones with wires, screws, plates, or rods.

Physical Therapy- Physical therapy can help gradually strengthen the muscles. Hands-on therapy or treatments like electrical stimulation and ultrasound can also help reduce pain, restore joint and muscle function, and prevent pain from returning.

Steroid Injections- Corticosteroid injections can work quickly to reduce swelling and pain and are often prescribed for certain kinds of chronic pain due to injury.

Immobilization- Immobilization can reduce muscle swelling, pain, and muscle spasms. This will prevent further damage by reducing movement. A cast or splint, for example, may be used to immobilize your injured foot or ankle while you heal. Sometimes splints are used immediately following an injury due to inflammation of the affected area. After the inflammation goes down, then a full cast might be applied to the injured limb.

Contact a specialist immediately if you find an issue or are experiencing any pain or discomfort. Dr. Ryan L. D’AmicoDr. Donal M. EricksonDr. Keith Sherman, and their staff will help diagnose and treat your foot or ankle. Call Syracuse Podiatry, located in East Syracuse, New York, for more tips and expert advice. Call 315-446-3668 or make an appointment online today.

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