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How to Prevent Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail can quickly become a very painful and debilitating experience that is best avoided since it may lead to possible infection and even amputation in those patients who have diabetes. Ingrown toenails usually start when a toenail is cut too short or when an injury occurs to the foot after dropping a heavy […]

What is Paronychia

If you have painful red and swollen skin around your toenail or fingernail, it can be easy to ignore and pass off as a hangnail. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that this type of pain can actually be from a fungal infection within your skin. This type of infection is not uncommon but does […]

Golden Nails

Once in awhile we happen to take a good look at our feet. Sometimes they are completely normal while other times they can give us quite a shock. Although not everyone exams their feet nearly enough, just one examination, done in the comfort of your home, once a week can be extremely beneficial. These examinations […]

Is there a Fungus Among Us?

Last weekend you had a manicure and pedicure done with the girls at the salon. You relaxed, chatted, and had gorgeous looking hands and feet right afterwards. Fast forward and it is a week later, your nail polish is chipping, and what do you see underneath? Your nail is turning green, which is far from […]

Ingrown Toenails

As the weather is cooling and more and more people are putting their open toed shoes away for the winter, the office has been seeing a big influx of ingrown toe nails; medically known as Onychocryptosis. An ingrown toe nail is when the nail grows into the skin. It is commonly seen on the big […]

What You Can Do About Your Ingrown Toenails

The simplest of foot problems can have the most difficult sounding names! In the world of medicine, an Ingrown Toenail has alternative names, such as Onychocryptosis; Unguis Incarnates; Nail Avlusion and Matrix Excision, but for the sake of simplicity we at Syracuse Podiatry refer to it as an ingrown toenail. This condition occurs when the […]

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