Golden Nails

Once in awhile we happen to take a good look at our feet. Sometimes they are completely normal while other times they can give us quite a shock. Although not everyone exams their feet nearly enough, just one examination, done in the comfort of your home, once a week can be extremely beneficial. These examinations can tell you a lot about your foot health but also the health of your overall body. A lot of foot problems are linked to other disorders. One such problem is known as Yellow Nail Syndrome.

Yellow Nail Syndrome is a rare and serious cause of yellow toenails. There are three typical telltale signs that are linked with this illness:

1) Yellow Nails: The yellow nails on the toes are slow to grow. They typically do not need to be cut often and have a hard time growing overall. They are very thick and show up as a yellow or green color. There may be ridges across the nails and the nails themselves will begin to curve. Sometimes the nail can even completely detach itself from the bed. This can be very painful for a patient.

2) Lung Problems: Many patients with this syndrome will report lung problems. Shortness of breath and coughing are very common when suffering from yellow nail syndrome. Over half of the people with yellow nail syndrome will suffer from repeated chest infections or bronchitis. Excess fluid in the space surrounding the lungs affects roughly 40% of people with yellow nail syndrome as well.

3) Lymphedema: People who suffer from this condition also experience swelling of the limbs because of the buildup of excess fluid. This usually affects both legs but may also affect the arms and the face. About 80% of people with yellow nail syndrome will develop lymphedema. In one third of patients, this is the first sign of yellow nail syndrome.

Individuals who have at least two of these symptoms are generally diagnosed with yellow nail syndrome. Yellow toenails and or fingernails are usually always seen in this condition. Treatment usually focuses on the lung issues and lymphedema and then tends to the yellow nails.

If you suspect you may have yellow nail syndrome, you should seek prompt medical advice. Syracuse Podiatry located in Fayetteville, New York, can help. Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico and his highly trained team can help decide whether or not you have yellow nail syndrome or something else entirely. Call 315-446-3668 or make an appointment online today. Don’t let yellow nails get you down.

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