What You Can Do About Your Ingrown Toenails

The simplest of foot problems can have the most difficult sounding names! In the world of medicine, an Ingrown Toenail has alternative names, such as Onychocryptosis; Unguis Incarnates; Nail Avlusion and Matrix Excision, but for the sake of simplicity we at Syracuse Podiatry refer to it as an ingrown toenail.

This condition occurs when the edge of (usually the big) toenail grows inwards into the skin of the toe and though it may seem like a minor irritant, if not taken care of, can get progressively worse, to the point where the infection can spread through the toe into the bone. Good hygiene and proper foot care is most essential to keep your feet infection-free, clean and happy!


  • improper nail trimming
  • fungal infections
  • toe deformities
  • heredity factors
  • ill-fitting footwear


  • pain and tenderness along the side of the nail
  • redness
  • inflammation
  • swelling
  • at times, infection of the tissue around the toenail
  • pus in the toe


Home remedies for mild symptoms

  • foot soaks in Epsom salts
  • elevation of the foot
  • wearing proper footwear
  • application of antibiotic cream
  • anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce pain

Medical Help from a podiatrist if the toe is severely inflamed

  • lifting the nail to place cotton or a splint under it
  • partially removing the nail under anesthesia
  • removal of the nail and tissue if the problem is chronic
  • topical or oral antibiotics

If left untreated, an ingrown toenail can damage the underlying bone resulting in a bone infection. Diabetics are at a great risk if the condition is not treated by an experienced podiatrist because poor blood flow, damaged nerves and difficult-to-heal sores can cause gangrene. We at Syracuse Podiatry tailor treatments to the patient’s requirements. Do not wait for your ingrown toenail to get abscessed. Contact us and make an appointment at our office located in Fayetteville, NY and consult our board certified podiatrist Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico, who specializes in foot and ankle surgery.

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