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Injections for Plantar Fascia

Plantar fasciitis is a very common and painful condition that can affect the foot. It is usually caused by the overuse of the arch and its supporting muscles. Specifically, the plantar fascia in the foot becomes inflamed, swollen, and becomes painful to walk on. Sometimes the pain and damage become so bad that a patient […]

Stressing the Study of Stress Fractures

In the world of medicine, there are researchers, scientists and doctors who dedicate their lives’ work to the study, learning, and advancement of different causes. Some of them focus on diseases of the heart, while others focus on injuries of the foot due to sports. The types of research range and vary from individual to […]

Cold and Numb

A lot of foot and ankle disorders can cause their hosts chronic pain and suffering. Those who live with chronic pain know that no matter what they do, the pain always lingers. This chronic pain gets in the way of their enjoyment of everyday activities such as walking, traveling, or even playing a game with […]

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