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Bunions Will Worsen Without Proper Treatment

A bunion is a toe deformity characterized by the enlargement of the joint of the big toe that causes a bulging bony bump to protrude on the side. The big toe pushes with considerable force into the other toes and can cause them to over and underlap. The big toe will become more stiff and […]

5 Treatments for Hammertoes

The condition called hammertoe is primarily an inherited condition but it is exacerbated by tight fitting shoes or from footwear that doesn’t have proper arch support. These abnormalities are called hammertoes because the severe bend caused in the middle toes can resemble a hammer or even a claw when multiple toes are affected. Hammertoes tend […]

Severely Bent Hammertoes May Need Surgery

When a toe affected with hammertoe becomes significantly bent to the point that corns are developing on the top from rubbing on your shoes, the pain can become unbearable. If your hammertoes have progressed to this point, you should consult with your podiatrist for a proper diagnosis and discuss the possibility of having surgery to […]

The Painful Symptoms of Flat Feet

Your feet are determined to be flat if almost the entire bottom of your foot, including the arch, touches the ground when you walk or stand. You can tell the extent of your flat footedness with a simple test: wet your feet and then stand on a dry flat surface. If the entire bottom of […]

Tailor’s Bunion

Walking around with pain on the side of your big toe can really cause you a lot of strife. Not only does the pain affect regular activities, it also can change the way your shoes feel on your feet. When you sit down and take a moment to take off your shoes you might notice […]

Amniotic Band Syndrome

When you are having a baby and learn that there are complications in the womb, it can be very stressful. Not only are you worried about the health of your baby, but you are also worried about the health of the mother. Sometimes these complications can be handled with rest and monitoring, and other times […]

The Down Low on Jackson-Weiss Syndrome

When it comes to the feet, many people realize that they play a key role in our everyday lives. This is because our feet get us from place to place, allow us to take part in extracurricular activities, and keep up balanced. Our feet bear the brunt of our weight and are constantly under pressure […]

How to Deal With Hallux Varus

It is interesting to note how many medical conditions there are that involve the big toe. Contrary to what a bunion or hallux valgus does (pushing the big toe inwards towards the second and sometimes third toe), hallux varus is a deformity that results in the big toe being pushed outwards, away from the small […]

Hammertoe vs Mallet Toe

Our title may sound as if a wrestling match is being advertised, but in actual fact, it’s a discussion about deformed toes. Hammertoe and mallet toe are both mild deformities of the toes. Often they get lumped together because in both cases the toes bend downward, but if looked at closely, there is a subtle […]

What Is This Bump On the Back of My Heel?

When a simple bump on the back of the heel is referred to as Mulholland Deformity, Pump Bump and Haglund’s Deformity, one should realize that this painful bump means business! This condition develops when the bony section of the heel – where the Achilles tendon is located – becomes enlarged and inflamed and if not […]

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