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Five Fascinating Foot Facts

Your feet are incredibly durable, yet fragile parts of your body, and we tend to take them for granted until a painful or debilitating foot or ankle problem sends us to the podiatrist. Your feet weather everything from ankle sprains to warts with often amazing resilience, so take good care of your feet and make […]

Aging Causes Foot & Ankle Problems

Our feet and ankles really take a beating over the years, so it’s extremely important to be aware of this and to remember that you have to take charge in the health of your feet and ankles by doing exercise and physical therapy, eating a healthy diet, and by visiting your podiatrist at least once […]

Orthotic Shoe Inserts Treat Many Foot & Ankle Problems

You can help to prevent many foot and ankle problems by wearing the proper footwear, stretching before exercising, and having your foot care professional perform a complete foot and ankle exam twice a year. One of the best ways to avoid injuries is by wearing the right orthotic shoe inserts. These support structures will provide […]

Why Are My Feet So Swollen?

As many people can attest, standing on your feet all day can cause swelling to occur in your feet and ankles. Sitting during a long car, plane, or bus trip can cause fluid to pool in your feet and ankles too, especially if you have chronic diseases like peripheral artery disease and diabetes. Some of […]

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Now that the weather is getting nicer, it is tempting to get outdoors and exercise in the fresh air. Some people have been exercising all winter in the gym and will have no problem transitioning outdoors while others will be running for the very first time. When introducing a new sport, it is always important […]

Quell the Swell

Carrying a child for nine months can be very tiring on the body. A pregnant woman goes through many changes as she grows and nourishes a child. Unfortunately, a pregnant woman’s body also takes a toll. As her belly expands and her weight increases, more stress is added to her feet. Due to this stress, […]

Your Skin in Your Orthotic

Having an orthotic in your shoe can be very beneficial. It can help you walk, stay balanced and it can also help heal a foot or ankle injury. They come in all different shapes and sizes and are often made my medical professionals such as podiatrists. These devices are state of the art and made […]

Health Tips for Aging Feet

As we get older it’s important to take care of our bodies more and more. A lifetime of use, history, and knowledge is built up and we use every piece of it to move on and forward. The same notion applies to our feet. We use our feet every day and often forget to care […]

Sprained Ankles vs. Broken Ankles

The ankle, as everyone knows, is the region where the leg meets the foot. It is not exactly a joint (it contains three joints); it is not a single bone (the tibia, fibula, and talus are all found in the area); and it is home to several tendons (like the Achilles), muscles, and ligaments. It […]

Tips for Cyclists

A momentous occasion in the life of a child is the day that he or she takes off the training wheels and rides a bicycle for the first time. For some, cycling is a leisurely activity, but for others, it may be a more competitive endeavor. In either case, your feet, ankles, legs, and knees […]

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