3 Signs You Need New Shoes

Summer’s here, and we’re sure the last thing you want is to be sidelined on vacation or a beach day due to an injury. What is the best way to prevent one? Wearing the right shoes! When was the last time you inspected your shoes and checked their quality? From running sneakers to summer sandals, we encourage patients to check their shoes a few times a year and toss out what no longer works. Here are three signs to clean out your closet and buy new shoes!


Wear and Tear

Rips, tears, holes, and other signs of distress are immediate red flags. If you can see through your shoes, dirt, germs, and other dangerous items can work their way into your shoes and possibly damage your feet. Include water on rainy days, creating the perfect fungus environment. 


Incorrect Size

When was the last time you measured your feet? Not just guessing your size, but accurately measuring them? We recommend you go to a shoe store and measure your feet professionally. Different circumstances may cause our shoe size to shift, even just by a half size. From pregnancy to medication changes, our feet may swell. Make sure you’re wearing the correct size.


Walking Pain

From shoes that are too small to super high heels, are your shoes causing you pain while walking? Do you cringe when you put your shoes on in the morning? Don’t let your love for style lead to long-lasting discomfort! Instead, choose a comfortable pair of shoes that provide support.


Think your foot pain is more severe than just your shoes? Call our office today. Dr. Ryan L. D’AmicoDr. Donal M. EricksonDr. Keith ShermanDr. Anne-Louise SmithDr. Justin Muser, and the rest of the staff at Syracuse Podiatry in East Syracuse, New York, can help treat and care for your feet. Call us at 315-446-3668 or make an appointment online to get help today.

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