Show Your Feet Some Love with These 5 Simple Stretches

If you missed out on August 17th’ National I Love My Feet Day, this is the perfect time to remind you to show some gratitude to your feet which do so much for all of us.  After all, feet are the foundation of our entire body, so they deserve pampering once in a while. Let’s look at some simple ways to comfort your feet with simple stretches.

We all know we should stretch before we exercise but often, we forget about our feet! Our feet are a complex network of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tissues, and nerves that endures constant pressure and stress. Try these simple exercises:

Toe pulls: First, sit down in a comfortable position. Next, place a thick rubber band around all five toes. Now spread your toes and hold that position for five seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times and then switch feet. This exercise is helpful for bunions and hammertoe.

Marble pick-up: First, sit down and spread 20 marbles in front of you. Pick up a marble using your toes and drop it into a bowl or cup. Finish all 20 marbles using one foot, then switch to the other.

Towel curls: While sitting, place a towel on the floor. Next, use the toes of both feet to pick up the towel. You can repeat this five times. You can pause in between each repetition for a rest. Be careful not to get a cramp.

Toe squeeze: Sit down in a comfortable position. Now place a small cork between your toes. Squeeze the toes and hold them for five seconds. You can repeat this exercise 10 times with each foot.

Golf ball roll: This exercise is excellent for massaging the bottom of your foot. Simply roll a golf ball under the forefoot for two or more minutes while sitting, then repeat with the other foot.

So, there you are. Treat your feet with love, and they will love you back!

Contact a specialist immediately if you find an issue or are experiencing pain or discomfort. Dr. Ryan L. D’AmicoDr. Donal M. EricksonDr. Keith Sherman, and their staff will help diagnose and treat your foot or ankle. Call Syracuse Podiatry, located in East Syracuse, New York, for more tips and expert advice. Call 315-446-3668 or make an appointment online today.

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