Winter Foot Tips for Healthy Feet

Winter is finally here, and with it, the cold weather. People are spending more time indoors, but don’t let that be an excuse to ignore your feet. The truth is during the winter, it’s extremely important to take extra care of your feet. Freezing temperatures, damp socks, even frostbite are all concerns to be taken seriously. Here we’ll go over some simple foot tips to ensure your feet stay healthy and protected this season.


With temperatures dipping, it’s vital to choose the right kind of footwear. Ideally, you want to buy boots that keep your feet warm, dry, and protected both from the cold and the damp conditions. Dampness can lead to fungal infections, so make sure the boots are well insulated. Wintertime boots ought to have ample padding, but not too much. You don’t want to cut off your circulation, which could cause serious problems. Foot sweat can also be a problem because it can freeze in your shoe, and extreme situations may lead to frostbite. The best way to deal with this is to buy footwear with all-natural materials with breathable fabrics.


When the weather gets cold, it’s a good idea to choose breathable socks. You want to purchase socks that will keep your feet both warm and dry. You can help control foot sweat that can make your feet freeze with wool or other moisture-wicking socks. If you notice your toes exhibit extreme paleness or have wrinkly toes, this is a sign of excessive moisture and over-saturation.


During the cold months, it’s common for skin to dry out, and it’s because winter air itself being dry will absorb moisture from your skin. Also, heaters tend to zap moisture from the body. Avoid cornscalluses, and cracked heels by keeping your feet adequately moisturized with good quality foot creams.

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