Tips to Keep Your Child’s Feet Healthy This Winter

Winter is finally here, with cold weather and low temperatures. Your little one may be spending a lot of time indoors, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the health of their feet. Let’s go over some quick tips to ensure your child has a healthy and safe winter.


Basic children’s foot care involves a few simple things to look out for. Infants’ feet change shape and size rapidly, and shoes may restrict the baby’s still-forming foot. Therefore, their feet should be able to stretch out without restriction. Toddlers often have gait problems, but most issues resolve themselves independently. By age 8, a child’s bone structure of the feet is fully-formed.


Picking out children’s shoes is important. Infants don’t need shoes. Toddlers should wear soft and flexible shoes with plenty of room for growth and space for the toes. Ask your child if they can wiggle their toes to check how much room they have. As children grow, you should check their feet regularly for blisters and irritation.


As the dry winter air hits, it can absorb moisture from your body, especially your feet. It’s the same for your children. You should check their feet for dry, cracked skin. It can cause significant pain and discomfort to your children. If your child is experiencing dry skin, try moisturizing their feet daily to combat the dry air. Also, be careful with hot baths. They can be tempting in the chilly weather, but long hot baths tend to remove natural oils from the skin that help keep moisture. Often children’s feet can sweat in heavy socks. It can cause irritation, chapping, and cracking. You may notice your child scratching and itching their feet as an indication.

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