5 Foot Care Essentials for Patients with Diabetes

November is American Diabetes Month, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than with some straightforward yet essential advice for proper foot care when you have diabetes. The consequences of poorly managed diabetes can be quite severe, with horrible outcomes such as gangrene and possible amputation. However, with the proper care and a comprehensive treatment program developed with your foot doctor’s help, you can keep your feet healthy and infection-free.

These 5 foot care essentials will help you maintain your optimum foot health:

  • Daily foot checks—Check your feet daily for any cuts, scrapes, blisters, etc. Peripheral nerve damage can make it hard to feel and notice damage or infections without a visual inspection.
  • Clean and dry your feet daily—Wash and carefully dry your feet at least once a day to eliminate microbes and prevent infection and foot ulcers.
  • Wear properly fitted shoes with the right orthotic inserts—Wear comfortable and supportive shoes with a wide toe box and deeper heel cup. Orthotic inserts and balance braces will help wounds heal and help prevent falls.
  • Raise your feet when lying down— When resting, keeping your feet and lower legs above your heart will improve blood flow and help fluids drain.
  • Perform aerobic exercise daily or at least several times per week—Regular exercise will improve your circulation, lower your blood sugar, and improve your immune response.

If you are experiencing diabetic foot complications or would like to avoid them, seeing your podiatrist is the best way to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment. Call Syracuse Podiatry, located in East Syracuse, New York. Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico, and Dr. Donal M. Erickson, and their staff will help you diagnose and treat your foot or ankle condition. Call 315-446-3668 or make an appointment online today.


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