Check Your Feet


With quarantine lifting in many areas and the lovely spring weather, people are heading outdoors for some much-needed relief and exercise. Keep in mind as you are taking in some sun, too much of it can cause cancers of the skin that can spread and be deadly if they are not caught early enough. Be sure to check your feet since hidden cancers on the bottoms, between the toes, and under the toenails can otherwise go undetected.

These three types of skin cancers are among many that can affect your feet and ankles:

  • Melanoma—This type of tumor affects the melanin in the upper skin layers and is caused by UV light and chemical exposure. Malignant melanoma tumors will grow inward with little lateral spread which makes them hard to detect. Even a small tumor can reach the circulatory system and spread to the rest of the body, so have all lesions checked out.
  • Basal cell carcinoma—This type of tumor is caused by UV light exposure, but is much less aggressive than malignant melanoma. The tumors can resemble ulcers and moles. While this cancer doesn’t spread quickly, it can still become deadly if not treated.
  • Squamous cell tumors—This type of cancer is more aggressive than the basal cell, but it is highly treatable. It appears as nodules or red, scaly patches, and can also resemble warts. If left untreated it can spread, so be sure to see your doctor.

If you are worried about skin lesions on your feet and ankles, see your podiatrist for the proper diagnosis and treatment. Call Syracuse Podiatry located in East Syracuse, New York. Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico, Dr. Kathleen Pyatak-Hugar, and Dr. Donal M. Erickson and their staff will help you diagnose and treat your foot or ankle condition. Call 315-446-3668 or make an appointment online today.

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