3 Treatments for Toenail Fungus

Entrenched and advanced fungal toenail infections can be very difficult or impossible to treat without debriding or surgically removing the infected toenail. For less severe infections of toenail fungus, oral or topical medications may get the problem under control. Complete elimination of the fungus is required or the infection will come back.

3 treatments for fungal toenail infections include the following:

  • Oral medications to treat the fungus from within—These medications are the most effective at completely removing the fungi from the body by attacking it from the inside. There may be side effects like cracked skin, and people who have liver problems should avoid these medications. Talk to your podiatrist.
  • Antifungal creams, lotions and other topical treatments—If you prefer not to deal with the complications of oral meds, you can treat the fungi directly with sprays and lotions. Apply these products after carefully washing and drying your feet. These methods will work best on minor infections since it isn’t possible to effectively apply the product underneath the toenail. Specially formulated acid solutions can be used to soften the toenail and make it more permeable. You can even purchase nail polish that contains an antifungal.
  • Complete toenail removal and regrowth—For infections where the toenail has become very brittle, discolored, and malodorous, complete removal of the toenail is often required. Then the infection can be treated directly with antifungal medications. A new, better looking toenail will eventually grow in place.

If you are experiencing unsightly and smelly fungal toenail issues, your foot care professional can provide the most effective treatment. Call Syracuse Podiatry located in East Syracuse, New York. Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico, Dr. Kathleen Pyatak-Hugar, and Dr. Donal M. Erickson and their staff will help you diagnose and treat your foot or ankle condition. Call 315-446-3668 or make an appointment online today.

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