Stressing the Study of Stress Fractures

In the world of medicine, there are researchers, scientists and doctors who dedicate their lives’ work to the study, learning, and advancement of different causes. Some of them focus on diseases of the heart, while others focus on injuries of the foot due to sports. The types of research range and vary from individual to individual. Every piece of research is carefully recorded and stored in hopes of use later in a breakthrough, further educations or as a building block.

One notable area of research that is being conducted is the study of stress fractures to help better prevent injury, specifically for those in a field related to sports, military and other areas that use their feet a lot. This study uses military personnel by the Department of Defense. Although the test base is specific, this study and its findings have made a wave for podiatry as a whole. It has helped podiatrists treat athletes, veterans, and other patients.

In 1997 “Bone Health and Medical Military Readiness” began.

A stress fracture occurs when the muscles cannot take on the strain or stress that the foot is experiencing. The excess strain is transferred to the bones and it causes the bones to crack.

The study started with non-invasive approaches to help solve the problem of stress fractures from overuse. The goal of the program was to completely eliminate the possibility of getting a stress fracture. They used advanced x-rays, bone density scans and MRIs to help test and study the bones of the feet. They found that bone density had a direct link with the likeliness that a person would receive a stress fracture. This along with other breakthroughs, allowed the researchers and podiatrists to conclude that the right nutrition for your bones is important to help prevent stress fractures. This is because the denser the bones, the less likely they were to obtain a stress fracture.

The study has not yet concluded but has helped podiatrists all over the world. Without such research our feet and that of our military would all be the worse for wear. This research material and its findings have allowed podiatrists to advise patients on better nutritional habits to help promote bone health and density. It also allows for the U.S Military to make a change in the food provided to our soldiers to better equip their bones for the future.

We at Syracuse Podiatry are pledged to improve the quality of life through the treatment of foot & ankle disorders. Our team is committed to a relationship based on care, commitment, and compassion, and we will always strive to enjoy what we do. If you are suffering from a stress fracture, call our office in Fayetteville, New York. Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico will teach you about ways to treat and prevent stress fractures. Call 315-446-3668 or make an appointment online today. It is all in prevention and education, let us help.

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