Do You Know About Mallet Toe?

The foot and ankle can be affected by many different ailments. Some such ailments can be as simple as a blister, while others can be more severe such as gangrene. All feet and ankles are made differently and thus develop different afflictions. Sometimes our feet are even born looking different than the “typical” foot, such as in the case of conditions like mallet toes.

Mallet toes can cause a patient a lot of pain and suffering if they are not corrected promptly. This condition causes the joint at the end of the toe to remain bent. The top of the toes are deformed and remain at an abnormal angle. These toes can rub up against a shoe and cause even more pain due to calluses, corns and blisters developing.

Arthritis is known to be an underlying cause of mallet toes. The joints whither over time and the toes lose their proper form. Extremely narrow and restrictive shoes with a small toe box can also cause mallet toes. The joints break down over time in these types of shoes due to the extreme pressure and duress they are put under, causing severely painful mallet toes.

In order to treat mallet toes, it is important to relieve the pressure and reduce friction in the foot. The force should be transferred to another part of the foot that would fair better with it. Gel sole caps and gel shields can aid in reducing the pressure, stress, and friction while wearing shoes. Toe crests can also help the toes get back into position and fit properly into their shoes. Buying shoes that fit correctly is also important. Shoes that have a wide toe box and are not restrictive should be worn. In some severe cases, corrective surgery may be needed.

If you have been wearing the wrong shoes and your toes are suffering because of it, you should consider consulting a podiatrist right away. Syracuse Podiatry of Fayetteville, New York has just the foot doctor to assist you with your condition. Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico has pledged to improve the quality of life of his patients in Central New York through the treatment of many foot and ankle disorders. His team is committed to a relationship based on care, commitment, and compassion and will always strive to enjoy what they do. Call 315-446-3668 or make an appointment with us today.

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