Footwear For Playing Golf

The other weekend, the PGA Championship at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey marked the end of the men’s major golf championship season. Many of the world’s best golfers now have their eyes set on a gold medal at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. However, the beautiful weather in Central New York means that there are still many rounds to be played at courses like Tecumseh Golf Club or Tanner Valley Golf Course.

Did you know that a typical 18-hole round of golf could account for 4 hours of standing and close to 5 miles of walking? As a result, your choice of footwear will have a huge impact on your foot and ankle fitness during the round and recovery after the round. Here are some characteristics you might want to look for in your next pair of golf shoes:

  • Lightweight and well-cushioned for comfort and support while you are on your feet
  • Snug fit in the middle of the foot for stability throughout your shot
  • Breathable and water-resistant, so that sweaty feet or moist course conditions don’t lead to a fungal foot infection like athlete’s foot
  • Good traction on the soles, which may come in the form of spikes for serious golfers
  • To ensure an overall accurate fit, try the shoes on with the socks you plan on wearing while golfing

Whether you are playing for leisure with your family or for bragging rights with your friends, board-certified podiatrist Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico wants you to know that you deserve to be pain-free during your round of golf. At Syracuse Podiatry, Dr. D’Amico can suggest some tips to consider when buying new shoes for any activity, not just golf. If you happen to sprain your ankle or form uncomfortable blisters or calluses, Dr. D’Amico can offer both surgical and non-surgical solutions. From heel pain to ulcers to cysts, Dr. D’Amico has experience treating a wide variety of pedal conditions. Patients of all ages in Onondaga County are encouraged to contact us or call our Fayetteville office at (315) 446-3668 to ask a question or to make an appointment!

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