Foot Care During the Golden Years

As people get older, life’s pace slows down. Retirement gives couples time for each other and with the children gone, responsibilities and priorities change. Hence these years are known as the golden years but, are they really golden? The following funny poem by an anonymous poet says it all:

The Golden Years have come at last

                        I cannot see, I cannot pee

                        My knees they creak, my hips do squeak

                        I have callused heels and twisted toes

                        I have teeth that click and a drippy nose

                        My memory shrinks, my hearing stinks

                        No sense of smell, I look like hell

                        The Golden Years have come at last!

Many a truth is spoken in jest. But taking care of each part of the body as it ages, is quite a task. Foot care for seniors is most essential, as the feet and legs carry the weight of the rest of the body and to maintain an active lifestyle, healthy feet is a must. With time, the feet lose cushioning and poor circulation causes the healing of sores to slow down so extra vigilance is necessary.

How can seniors look after their feet?

  • Being nonchalant about foot wear all through one’s youth does not bode well for the golden years. Feet that have been subjected to constant wearing of high-heeled shoes with tapering fronts are unsightly with bunions and corns. To avoid further exacerbating the problem, wear sensible low-heeled shoes.
  • Do simple exercises to keep the blood circulation going
  • Avoid socks that constrict
  • Wash and dry feet thoroughly to avoid athlete’s foot
  • Lubricate dry and itchy feet with petroleum jelly
  • Control your weight, as obesity puts pressure on the feet often forming heel spurs
  • Diabetics need to take extra care. Sometimes nerves can get deadened in the feet, allowing for minor wounds to fester
  • Regular visits to your podiatrist are very necessary

As pedal problems in seniors could be a sign of serious health issues, an experienced podiatrist is as necessary in your life as breakfast, and if you live in the Syracuse area, we have just the person for you at Syracuse Podiatry. Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico, who is board certified and aided by a well trained staff, has been practicing in Fayetteville, NY, for the past five years. No problem is too big or too small for Dr. D’Amico and his team as they are committed to a relationship of care and compassion. Peruse our website and call us at (315) 446 3668 to make an appointment so that we may help you further enjoy your golden years.


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