The Importance of a Podiatrist

Take care of your feet and they will take you places! People tend to neglect the niggling pain in their feet, ankles or anywhere in the lower leg. Home remedies may sometimes alleviate the pain for a while, but when the toes tingle and burn or when the ankle twists too often when you walk and life begins to slow down due to the pain that will not go away, realization hits that something is majorly wrong and it’s time to visit a podiatrist.

What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of all foot and ankle disorders. Be it a toenail problem or a deformity from birth, this doctor is very qualified to diagnose and treat your problem. Our team at Syracuse Podiatry, located in Fayetteville, NY, covering the Syracuse area, and our board certified podiatrist, Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico, strive to serve our patients by keeping them on their feet that are happy and healthy. Dr. D’Amico not only diagnoses and treats his patients, but he also educates them on the care, exercise and proper hygiene of their feet.

When should one consult a podiatrist?

Never wait for the pain to get worse, because pain untreated is pain multiplied. Since both feet make up ¼ of the bones in the body, it is most important to pay attention to the message they send you. Make an appointment when:

  • There is persistent pain in the feet or ankles
  • You have swelling, discharge of pus, high fever due to the spread of bacterial infection under the nail area
  • You have cracks and fissures in your heels which have begun to bleed
  • Your toenails become thick and cause you discomfort
  • You have an injury to the foot and the pain comes and goes
  • You flinch when you put pressure on your foot and anti-inflammatory medicines do not help
  • You are a diabetic and have developed athlete’s foot
  • There is discoloration in the feet, toes or ankles

At the first sign of pain or discomfort call Dr. D’Amico at (315) 446-3668 and set up an appointment for a thorough evaluation of your problem.


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