Common Reasons for Foot & Ankle Pain

You have brains in your head

You have feet in your shoes

You can steer yourself

In any direction you choose.

                               ……..Dr. Seuss

Very well said Dr. Seuss! But, if the feet wearing inappropriate shoes do not complain to the brain in our head, then no matter which direction we go, the journey will be a painful one.

We misuse our feet and take them for granted. We wear unsuitable shoes and walk miles subjecting our feet to the worst kind of wear and tear. They never complain and only when minor aches and pains turn into severe foot and ankle problems, do they force us to come to a full stop.

A majority of foot and ankle complications are a consequence of injuries, stress, congenital defects, degenerative diseases and of course, the infamous ill-fitting footwear.

It is very important to have your foot and ankle injuries seen by a good podiatrist to avoid permanent damage and future problems. At Syracuse Podiatry, located in Fayetteville, NY and catering to the Syracuse area, our board certified podiatrist Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico, is an expert in foot and ankle problems. Aided by a team of experienced staff, Dr. D’Amico offers his patients an accurate diagnosis and follows it up by a wide-ranging treatment plan.

Most foot and ankle pain have underlying causes.

  • When someone has ankle pain, often a dysfunctional hip may be responsible
  • Toe pain can be caused by corns, gout, bunions, hammer toes, ingrown toenails, calluses and arthritis
  • Heel pain can be due to plantar fasciitis or a calcaneal spur
  • Arch pain results from fallen arches, plantar fasciitis and damage to tendons
  • A common source of foot pain can also be diabetes, improper foot care, vascular and nerve problems and sprains and fractures.

Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of the foot and ankle with a special interest in diabetic foot care. Browse our Education Library and acquaint yourself of the services we offer at Syracuse Podiatry. Call our Fayetteville office at 315-446-3668 or contact us through our website to make an appointment with Dr. D’Amico.

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