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Bunions Will Worsen Without Proper Treatment

A bunion is a toe deformity characterized by the enlargement of the joint of the big toe that causes a bulging bony bump to protrude on the side. The big toe pushes with considerable force into the other toes and can cause them to over and underlap. The big toe will become more stiff and […]

5 Treatments for Hammertoes

The condition called hammertoe is primarily an inherited condition but it is exacerbated by tight fitting shoes or from footwear that doesn’t have proper arch support. These abnormalities are called hammertoes because the severe bend caused in the middle toes can resemble a hammer or even a claw when multiple toes are affected. Hammertoes tend […]

Severely Bent Hammertoes May Need Surgery

When a toe affected with hammertoe becomes significantly bent to the point that corns are developing on the top from rubbing on your shoes, the pain can become unbearable. If your hammertoes have progressed to this point, you should consult with your podiatrist for a proper diagnosis and discuss the possibility of having surgery to […]

Why Do My Toes Look Like Hammers?

Because you may be experiencing a condition called hammertoe. Just as the name says, a hammertoe is a toe deformity that causes one or more toes to become permanently bent at the middle joint, taking on the appearance of a hammer. If the toe bends at the end, it is called a claw toe, and […]

Proper Care Can Prevent Ingrown Toenails

Many people know that it is important to properly care for your feet. This care also includes your toenails. Toenails that are left to their own devices can cause problems for the overall health of the foot. Not only can they grow fungus but they can also grow too long and embed themselves into the […]

Treating a Blackened Toenail

Springtime means buying new clothes and shoes for the season and prepping your feet for the season. Sandals, flip-flops, and opened toes heels are all very popular as the weather gets nicer and spring makes an entrance. As you prepare your feet with an at-home pedicure you might get quite the shock. That is because […]

Telltale Toenail Signs

Your toenails are an excellent indicator of your health, and frequently problems such as nutritional deficiencies, infections, and other injuries can show up as signals in your toenails. Some of the telltale signs in your toenails that indicate other health issues include: Brittle nails—Your nails can become crumbly and brittle from exposure to chemicals, detergents, […]

Golden Nails

Once in awhile we happen to take a good look at our feet. Sometimes they are completely normal while other times they can give us quite a shock. Although not everyone exams their feet nearly enough, just one examination, done in the comfort of your home, once a week can be extremely beneficial. These examinations […]

Do You Know About Mallet Toe?

The foot and ankle can be affected by many different ailments. Some such ailments can be as simple as a blister, while others can be more severe such as gangrene. All feet and ankles are made differently and thus develop different afflictions. Sometimes our feet are even born looking different than the “typical” foot, such […]

Preventing Sesamoiditis

If you are an avid hiker, walker, dancer, athlete, or are on your feet all day long, you have likely had an encounter with sesamoiditis. This is a rather common foot condition that causes pain and inflammation of the sesamoid bones in the foot. These bones are located just under the big toe joint and […]

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