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Amplifying the Smell

Summer in most regions is full of sunny days, warm weather and outside enjoyment. People get out and get active to enjoy the weather while it is here. Summer can end all too soon but there is nothing that will end summer fun more than a pair of smelly feet. Not only will it affect […]

Becoming a Foot Model Begins with Good Foot Health

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a model? It is hard to break into the modeling business but it isn’t impossible. Today, fashion and beauty companies everywhere are trying to break into the industry with their products. In order to do so, they are looking for models to help promote their product. One very competitive […]

Preventing Obnoxious Odors

If you are a sports player or are on your feet on a constant basis, then you are probably well aware of sweaty feet. Not only do sweaty feet make you uncomfortable in your shoes, they can also cause blisters and foot odor. Smelly feet can be embarrassing and make it so you do not […]

4 Easy Ways to Prevent Foot Injuries in the Workplace

Sometimes emergencies happen at the workplace. These emergencies can be very scary and stressful for everyone involved. Many times, these emergencies are due to an injury caused at work. Most work-related injuries can be prevented with the proper training and management. No one likes to see or be victim to a workplace injury. With a […]

Is there a Fungus Among Us?

Last weekend you had a manicure and pedicure done with the girls at the salon. You relaxed, chatted, and had gorgeous looking hands and feet right afterwards. Fast forward and it is a week later, your nail polish is chipping, and what do you see underneath? Your nail is turning green, which is far from […]

Avoiding Frostbite and Gangrene

Whether we like it or not, cold weather is here to stay in Onondaga County, and it is bound to bring some snow along with it. Whether you are someone who could spend hours playing outside, or someone who walks as briskly as possible from your home to your car, frostbite is a concern for […]

Treat Yourself to an At-Home Pedicure!

Over the holidays, you might have received a gift certificate to a local spa or nail salon, or perhaps you are looking to start the New Year with a fresh manicure and pedicure. Although these outings can be relaxing, you might not be aware of improper sanitation and hygiene practices, which can lead to bacterial […]

Flying for the Holidays? Prevent Swollen Feet!

Flying home from spending Christmas with the relatives? Taking an airplane to a friend’s for New Year’s Eve? Jetting away to somewhere warm? This time of year is popular for travel, and although flying is convenient in many ways, it can cause discomfort in our feet and ankles. Sitting upright for hours can cause blood […]

Shopping for Snow Shoes

‘Tis the season… to reach deep into your closet and bring out your cold-weather attire for the winter! When it comes to layering up to brave the cold, most people think of hats, jackets, scarves, and mittens, but your footwear is also extremely important. In addition to being fashionable, you want your boots to be […]

5 Post-Thanksgiving Indoor Exercises

After an extended Thanksgiving weekend of eating pie, stuffing, and leftovers, and sitting on the couch talking to relatives, you might be itching for some physical activity. However, temperatures are plummeting and snow is piling up in Central New York, so exercising outdoors is not very desirable. Instead, here are 5 exercises you can do […]

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