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Why Does My Heel Hurt?

The bone that creates your heel is the largest bone in your foot, and it helps to form the structure that contributes to the shape and function of the arch. The muscles and ligaments that extend on each side of your heel provide the necessary connections for movement for your big toe and pinky toe. […]

4 Causes of Heel Spurs

A heel spur is a bony bump on your heel that is often painless but it can also cause considerable pain and discomfort as it continues to grow and interact with the backs of your footwear. A large heel spur can make routine activities like standing and walking difficult and extremely painful. Heel spurs form […]

4 Causes of Sudden Heel Pain

Heel pain has many causes, and oftentimes an injury causing pain in the heel area happens suddenly. As a result, your normal everyday activities such as walking, standing, and exercising can come to a rapid and severe decline. However, you can actually avoid many other foot and ankle surprises when you stay in contact with […]

Tendonitis Treatment

A type of tendonitis that is often overlooked as the cause of foot and ankle pain is one that strikes the peroneal tendons that run along the side of the foot. The symptoms for peroneal tendonitis are very similar to the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, which is why you should see your podiatrist for the […]

Children Suffer from Heel Pain Too

Heel pain is a common problem in young children. This is because as children grow and develop, it is easy to injure the growth plate at the back of the heel bone. This growth plate is key to a child’s development as they grow and learn to walk. It is important to take extra special […]

Injections for Plantar Fascia

Plantar fasciitis is a very common and painful condition that can affect the foot. It is usually caused by the overuse of the arch and its supporting muscles. Specifically, the plantar fascia in the foot becomes inflamed, swollen, and becomes painful to walk on. Sometimes the pain and damage become so bad that a patient […]

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