Your Guide to Buying Fall Footwear

Now that fall is here, many of us are hitting our favorite stores and buying warm and comfy pieces for our wardrobe. Boots and sneakers are some great winter go-to’s, but shopping for the right pair may be difficult for some. If you struggle to find a good fit or have a habit of buying uncomfortable shoes, you might find this guide helpful. Here are six simple tricks to buying footwear for the approaching colder months.

  1. Hold off on shoe shopping until the end of the day. Why? Our feet naturally expand as the day goes on. Trying on shoes while your foot is the largest will ensure you buy the right size.
  2. Bring any socks you plan on wearing with your shoes. If you love wearing thick socks with your winter boots for added warmth, take them with you!
  3. Choose shoes with cushioning and support. Boots tend to not provide much comfort. But there are some pairs on the market with great arch support. If you find a pair without arch support that you can’t resist buying, look into shoe inserts. They can give you the comfort you’re missing.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try on your pair and walk around the store. Is there enough room for your toes to move around? Are they too wide or not wide enough? Do you feel any pain when standing up? Never buy shoes with the intention of “breaking them in.” Find shoes that fit great from the first try-on.
  5. Get your feet measured every time. As we age, so do our feet. This can lead to wider, longer feet as time goes on. At your shoe store, have a salesperson measure both of your feet. If they find that one of your feet is longer or wider than the other, choose the larger size. It’s better for your shoes to be a little too big than a little too tight.
  6. Shop with any possible conditions or concerns in mind. Are you an avid runner? Choose sneakers that will provide great flexibility. Do you love to hike? Select a pair of sturdy hiking boots with thick soles. Experience pain from arthritis? Arch support is key.

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