Fantastic Footwear for the Best Summer Ever

The weather is getting hot as the dog days of August begin. Everyone, from kids to older Americans, is taking advantage of the sun by getting outdoors and enjoying everything this season has to offer. So, what are the best kinds of footwear to get the most out of the summer? Read on and find out.


It’s flip-flop season. If you go to the beach or pool, you’re sure to see tons of people sporting them. They’re easy and convent to get on and off, and everyone loves the feeling of the fresh air on their toes. However, most podiatrists are not fond of them. Unfortunately, flip-flops provide almost no structural support or protection for your feet. It is particularly important for arch support. Flip-flops also tend to require you to flex your toes downwards as you walk to keep them from falling off. It adds unnecessary stress to your toes.  It can also exacerbate plantar fasciitis and other kinds of heel pain.


There are a few things to look for when choosing the best option for your feet; try these:

  • Mule sandals. Many kinds of sandals are flat and too loose. The best type of sandals has straps that you can tighten. Those with heel straps are even better. Many mule sandals come with extra cushioning to provide additional support.
  • Sports shoes. Sports shoes are designed for wearing all day long and in general, have adequate support. Make sure they fit correctly before you buy. They should be lightweight and have descent cushioning for support and stability.
  • Use insoles. If you do have flat shoes, you can buy insoles to add support. A podiatrist can even offer custom orthotics specially shaped to your foot.

There you go! Now you’re all ready for fantastic summer fun.

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