Tendonitis Treatment

A type of tendonitis that is often overlooked as the cause of foot and ankle pain is one that strikes the peroneal tendons that run along the side of the foot. The symptoms for peroneal tendonitis are very similar to the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, which is why you should see your podiatrist for the correct diagnosis and treatment since treatments for the two conditions are different.

The peroneal tendons are a major source of support to the foot muscles that control the rolling motion of your foot. They also support the side of the arches, where they interact with the plantar fascia on the bottom of the foot.

The repetitive stress from everyday activities and exercise can increase the stress on these tendons over time and they can become painfully inflamed making it difficult or impossible to stand, walk, or run. In the most severe cases, tendons may become partially or completely detached from the fibula bone.

The main symptoms of peroneal tendonitis are felt in the ankle and along the bottom of the foot. Dislocation of these tendons can cause the foot to become unstable, and without proper treatment, problems with the arch can also develop.

Treatment for peroneal tendonitis

Dislocated tendons may sometimes go back into their normal position if you avoid putting pressure on your foot. You will need to reduce the stress on the foot by using crutches, a compression bandage, splint or rigid boot to promote healing. With the most severe cases where tearing or dislocation has occurred, a surgical procedure will be required to reattach the tendon to the bone.

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