Injections for Plantar Fascia

Plantar fasciitis is a very common and painful condition that can affect the foot. It is usually caused by the overuse of the arch and its supporting muscles. Specifically, the plantar fascia in the foot becomes inflamed, swollen, and becomes painful to walk on. Sometimes the pain and damage become so bad that a patient cannot walk on the foot at all.

The bottom of the foot houses the plantar fascia, which is a band of tissue that connects the foot together from the base all the way to the toes. It also helps support the arch of the foot, assists balance, and provides the foot a specific range of motion that is key for walking.

This band can become swollen and causes irritation. It is at its worst first thing in the morning and can feel better over the course of the day. Not only does overuse cause this injury, but a traumatic injury to the foot can cause plantar fasciitis too.

Corticosteroid injections are an option that can be used for treatment when other noninvasive methods have failed. It commonly occurs after physical therapy, stretching, over the counter medication, and orthotics do not help the injury. Although they can help with pain, they also come with a risk. Injections can cause the rupture of the plantar fascia and fat pad degeneration.

This procedure can be done at a regular appointment in the podiatrist’s office. After staging the position of the patient properly, the podiatrist will prepare the injection. They will place the needle vertical to the skin and insert it past the midline of the width of the foot. The podiatrist should not place the injection into the fat pad of the foot.

The injection will be administered slowly and evenly. The patient should remain in the same position for a few minutes after the injection. The patient should also remain in the office for 30 minutes to be sure there is no allergic reaction or other adverse side effect from the injection.

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