Shopping for Snow Shoes

‘Tis the season… to reach deep into your closet and bring out your cold-weather attire for the winter! When it comes to layering up to brave the cold, most people think of hats, jackets, scarves, and mittens, but your footwear is also extremely important. In addition to being fashionable, you want your boots to be warm, comfortable, and waterproof. Here are some suggestions to make sure your shoes will keep your feet properly protected all winter:

  • In the store, try on the boots with the socks you would normally wear out in the cold weather. This will ensure the proper fit, since socks can vary in thickness.
  • Instead of rushing to the store first thing in the morning, perhaps wait until later in the day when your feet naturally become a little more swollen. This way, the size you purchase will fit no matter what time of day you wear them.
  • Look for shoes that have extra lining on the inside or that are made of waterproof or water-resistant material.
  • Take a few practice steps to make sure your shoes have enough support and grip for when you walk on slippery surfaces.
  • Children’s feet grow at a rapid pace—even if you feel like you just bought them new boots, it doesn’t hurt to check before each winter.

In Central New York, with cold temperatures made worse by a blistering wind, frostbite and gangrene can be a concern each time you leave the house. Don’t take any chances, and make sure that all of your extremities, including your feet, are covered. Board-certified podiatrist Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico, who is a native of Syracuse himself, wants to help patients of all ages stay safe through this winter season. If you feel any prolonged numbness or tingling when exposed to the cold, or experience heel pain and blisters from improper footwear, consider making an appointment with Dr. D’Amico at Syracuse Podiatry. Feel free to contact us or call our

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