Foot Care Tips During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, so many changes happen throughout your body. With big hormonal increases and a growing belly, it’s no surprise that these changes affect the feet too! Especially as your baby grows, carrying all of that weight can result in foot and ankle issues so it is important to take extra care for your feet!

Overpronation and edema are the most common problems during pregnancy. Due to an increase in hormones that loosen ligaments, the extra weight can lead to the flattening of arches and inward rolling of the foot. Edema usually results from the extra pressure that the growing uterus places on the blood vessels leading to the lower extremities. As a result, fluid can build up in the feet and lower legs and cause discomfort and pain.


  • Wear comfortable and supportive footwear. You may need to buy a size bigger than usual.
  • Insert orthotics to provide extra support in the arches and heels.
  • Rest and elevate your feet to prevent swelling.
  • Engage in regular exercise like walking to increase blood flow. Even doing exercises while sitting may help.
  • Stay hydrated and avoid salty foods.

There is no reason to suffer through any discomfort during pregnancy, especially since how you walk can affect the body’s balance. Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico of Syracuse Podiatry, serving Onondaga County in Central New York, treats many types of foot and ankle problems for patients of all ages. Dr. D’Amico is board-certified and has helped patients with heel pain, sports injuries, diabetic foot problems, and specializes in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. Whether you need extra support through orthotics or want to know if your baby’s foot development is normal, Dr. D’Amico and his friendly staff are here to help! Please contact us or call our Fayetteville office at (315) 446-3668 to schedule an appointment today!

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