There’s no Doubt about Gout – It’s a Pain!

When your big toe joint pains

When it’s all inflamed

And the swelling is bad

Without a doubt

It sounds like Gout

Rich foods should be avoided, which is sad!

Often referred to as the most painful type of arthritis, gout mostly affects men, however, post-menopause women are also likely to suffer from it. A gout attack occurs suddenly and often in the middle of the night. You feel as if the big toe joint is on fire and when you touch it, it’s tender and swollen. The attack can last several hours before subsiding and leave you quite fatigued. On the most part, continuous attacks of gout can be prevented by avoiding high protein foods and drinking lots of water. However, if a proper diet is not maintained, gout can eventually affect your ankles, heels, knees, insteps, wrists, fingers and elbows.


  • the buildup of urate crystals in the joint caused by excessive amounts of uric acid in the blood which the kidneys are unable to eliminate. Uric acid is also created by fructose drinks and alcoholic beverages
  • foods rich in protein
  • genetics
  • obesity
  • organ transplants
  • stressful events


  • acute joint pain, mostly in the big toe but can affect other joints of the extremities
  • localized redness and inflammation
  • recurrent attacks of the same joint

Treatment for prevention:

  • avoid rich food, especially red meat, sauces and shellfish
  • drink a great deal of fluids daily to flush out your system
  • steer clear of alcohol
  • stay physically fit

If gout attacks recur, visit your foot doctor, before complications set in. Serving the community of Fayetteville, NY and its surroundings in the Syracuse area, we at Syracuse Podiatry are fortunate to have Dr. Ryan L. D’Amico, a board certified podiatrist on our staff. Dr. D’Amico is experienced and caring and not only will he formulate the best treatment for your gout, but also educate you on how to prevent and cope with the attacks when they occur. For more information please browse through our website and call us at (315) 446-3668 to schedule an appointment.

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