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Common Childhood Foot Problems

It’s always a challenge to be completely in tune with your child’s problems, especially when it comes to their feet! To start, always keep an eye on children to notice any telltale behaviors such as tiptoeing or limping. A foot or ankle problem may be the cause and your child may not be able to […]

Amniotic Band Syndrome

When you are having a baby and learn that there are complications in the womb, it can be very stressful. Not only are you worried about the health of your baby, but you are also worried about the health of the mother. Sometimes these complications can be handled with rest and monitoring, and other times […]

What Makes You Unique

When you have the joy of bringing a brand-new baby into the world it can be a thrilling journey. Not only do you get to meet the child you created, but you also get to care for and teach that child as they mature and grow. Being a new parent is very rewarding but it […]

Webbed Toes

When a baby is born the saying often goes something akin to “Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, sparkling eyes and a button nose.” When we are born we are usually born with ten tiny toes. These toes are often quite adorable, and will act as a very prominent means of transportation for the rest […]

Clubfoot in Infants

When your baby was born you learned immediately that he/she suffered from a foot deformity. At first you were scared, but the doctors assured you that the deformity wasn’t severe and could be treated. You sighed with relief and immediately followed up with more questions. What was the deformity? What did it look like? How […]

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