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Corns & Calluses Causes & Treatments

The relentless rubbing and pressure on the feet created by your footwear can create a thickened layer of skin called a callus or corn. This is a totally normal and natural response to the pressure and irritation. In the beginning, they are not always painful. But when calluses form on the heel or ball of […]

Charley Horse is Not a Winner

Suffering from a Charley horse, also known as a muscle cramp, can be very intense. The feeling is that of a strong, sudden contraction of the muscle in the leg or the foot. The contraction usually comes on suddenly and can last anywhere from a couple of seconds to many minutes. Many times, these cramps […]

Bunions are a Bummer

Heels are great shoes to accessorize with different outfits. They can also give off a professional air at the office. Although they look cute, they typically aren’t good for you. Loafers tend to be the same way. Both of these types of shoes can be restrictive, narrow, and cause a lot of pressure on the […]

Happy and Healthy Feet in the July Heat

Summertime in Onondaga County brings with it a variety of lifestyle changes for you, your family, and your friends. Now that the prospect of snow and freezing temperatures is gone for the foreseeable future, you might decide to kick off your shoes for a day at the beach, attend more parties, or set out on […]

What Causes Swelling?

Swelling is one of the simplest signals our bodies use to let us know that something might be going on in the area where the swelling is located. It tends to develop rather rapidly, and most of the time, it is very noticeable. Swelling might even present with a slight change in skin color. However, […]

When Should I Call a Podiatrist?

The feet, toes, and ankles are important but complicated parts of the body, so podiatrists must go through extensive education and training in order to be true experts in their field. After undergraduate education, medical school, state and national examinations, and a state license, a podiatrist can finally begin practicing. As the population in the […]

Healing Your Heel Problems

The skin on the heel is some of the thickest on the entire body because it supports so much of our weight. Almost every step or jump requires action from the heels in some way. As a result, our heels may be prone to some wear and tear that the other parts of our feet […]

Preventing Athlete’s Foot

Despite what its name suggests, athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis, does not only affect those who play sports. It is a common fungal skin infection that presents as a rash on the foot or between the toes. It can make the skin burn, itch, peel, or crack. Several types of fungi are responsible […]

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