Happy and Healthy Feet in the July Heat

Summertime in Onondaga County brings with it a variety of lifestyle changes for you, your family, and your friends. Now that the prospect of snow and freezing temperatures is gone for the foreseeable future, you might decide to kick off your shoes for a day at the beach, attend more parties, or set out on […]

Your Foot Structure and Your Footwear

Many of us take for granted the incredible anatomy of our feet. In each foot, there are 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments, meaning that the two feet together account for more than 25% of the total bones in the body! It is rather remarkable that all of these […]

The Best Way to Care for Blisters

The hands and the feet are exposed to friction and heat more often than most parts of the body during activities like running, walking, or different types of manual labor. Unfortunately, friction and heat are the two main ingredients needed to form a painful, unsightly blister. Blisters are fluid-filled bubbles on the skin, and although […]

Sprained Ankles vs. Broken Ankles

The ankle, as everyone knows, is the region where the leg meets the foot. It is not exactly a joint (it contains three joints); it is not a single bone (the tibia, fibula, and talus are all found in the area); and it is home to several tendons (like the Achilles), muscles, and ligaments. It […]

What Causes Swelling?

Swelling is one of the simplest signals our bodies use to let us know that something might be going on in the area where the swelling is located. It tends to develop rather rapidly, and most of the time, it is very noticeable. Swelling might even present with a slight change in skin color. However, […]

Cancers and Growths in the Feet

Cancer is a terrible disease that affects and claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. In males, the most common types of cancers are prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer. In females, the most common types of cancers are breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and uterine cancer. […]

Capsulitis Causes and Treatment

Have you ever experienced the discomfort of having a rock stuck in your shoe? You might have felt a repeated pinch or poke in the same part of your foot, and the only way to make it go away was to remove your shoe and shake out the rock. Well, capsulitis is a condition that […]

Tips for Cyclists

A momentous occasion in the life of a child is the day that he or she takes off the training wheels and rides a bicycle for the first time. For some, cycling is a leisurely activity, but for others, it may be a more competitive endeavor. In either case, your feet, ankles, legs, and knees […]

Making the Most of High Heels

High-heeled shoes have become a staple in most women’s wardrobes because they are stylish, glamorous, and can add an extra few inches to your height if necessary. Although they have many benefits in the fashion and business worlds, they can cause headaches in the medical world. High heels can cause knee and back pain, toe […]

When Should I Call a Podiatrist?

The feet, toes, and ankles are important but complicated parts of the body, so podiatrists must go through extensive education and training in order to be true experts in their field. After undergraduate education, medical school, state and national examinations, and a state license, a podiatrist can finally begin practicing. As the population in the […]

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